In the Drivers Seat Again!
Mary, Naples, FL
3 year(s) ago
Mary, my driving instructor, had me driving again, after eleven years of being afraid to drive , due to an automobile accident.She’s a patient, kind, excellent, instructor who put my mind at ease. I wouldn’t want anyone else, but Mary to teach me the rules of the road. She’s also very personable and I enjoyed talking to her. If you’re interested in learning how to drive, ask for Mary.

Aryan Kejriwal, Naples, FL
1097 day(s) ago
Mary is fantastic. She’s incredibly experienced and knows the subject to its fullest. She pushes you to reach your limits, at the same time maintaining a high level of safety. She teaches you how to think about driving, more than the technical skills itself. She gives you detailed feedback so you can improve most efficiently. Most importantly, she teaches you how to deal with challenging situations, which helped me immensely as I was faced with then going forward. Would very highly recommend.

Donna, Marco Island, Florida
6 year(s) ago
My Grand daughter just finished her lessons with Mary and I am so amazed at the confidence and skill that she has now. After taking lessons at the High School and passing her Driver's test, she just could not drive. Now, she is driving and we feel a sense of relief that she knows what she is doing. Mary is a patient teacher with great people skills that put a new driver at ease. Thank you so much.

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